Learning Analytics

Start with some general introduction, and

  • US Dept. Education: briefing

Groups that work in this area:

New trend towards using modern decision-analytic approaches:

  • Big amount of person-click data are generated from online platforms, including both LBS and MOOC systems
  • Modern development of decision-analytic methods and tools, like matrix factorization, deep learning, sparse models, social network analysis

Finally come up a brief proposal with nice image(s):

Learning Analytics by Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques

  1. Person-click data structure: both behaviors and feedbacks
  2. Learning pathways through longitudinal and survival analysis: to measure activity and engagement (person-anchored)
  3. Dropout prediction and retention analysis through machine learning techniques
  4. Social network analysis of linked users and peer interactions
  5. Content analysis through ????, e.g.  6min micro-video effectiveness (content-anchored)
  6. Recommendation system for online quizzes


  1. Bienkowski, M., Feng M. and Means, B. (2012). Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics: An Issue Brief. U.S. Office of Educational Technology, Department of Education. FDF
  2. Guo, P.J., Kim, J. and Rubin. R. (2014). How Video Production Affects Student Engagement: An Empirical Study of MOOC Videos. ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, March 2014. PDF

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