STAT3622 Data Visualization

HKU 2019-20 Semester 2

Course Syllabus: PDF

Instructor: Dr. Aijun Zhang (ajzhang at hku dot hk; RR224)
Tutor: Mr. Yifeng Guo (gyf9712 at hku dot hk; RR114)
Lecture Hours:
Tuesday 1:30pm — 4:20pm (T5)
Tutorial Hours:
TBD (Start from week 2)


Class Schedule Lecture Notes Tutorials
Lecture 1 Jan 21 Introduction (HTML | Rmd)
Course outline, RStudio and R-Markdown
Introduction to Data Science
DS Job Market, DS Venn Diagram, DS Workflow
Link: RStudio and Markdown
Lecture 2 Feb 4 Exploratory Data Analysis (HTML | Rmd)
EDA, R Base Plots, R:Lattice Package
Tutorial 1 (HTML | Rpres)
Lecture 3 Feb 11 R Graphics with ggplot2 (HTML | Rmd)
Grammer of Graphics, R:ggplot2
Tutorial 2 (HTML | Rmd)
Homework 1 (PDF)
LC Data: Accept, Decline
Due: Mar 6, 2020
Feb 17 – 29 Class Suspension
Lecture 4 Mar 3 Data Manipulation
Tutorial 3
Lecture 5 Mar 10 Animated Graphics in R
Quiz 1 (?)
Lecture 6 Mar 17 Interactive Data Visualization
D3.js, Plotly for R
Tutorial 4
DataViz Project:
Call for Proposal (Due: Mar 18)
Lecture 7 Mar 24 Shiny Web Apps
Shiny UI, Shiny Dashboard
Shiny in Rmarkdown:
Shiny Cheat Sheet
Lecture 8 Mar 31 Application: Geographical Data Visualization
Maps, Spatiotemporal Heatmap
Hong Kong Home Price Case:
Lecture 9 Apr 7 Application: Global Top Brands
R:rvest for Simple Web Scraping
BrandFinance Case:
Quiz 2
Lecture 10 Apr 14 Application: FinTech Case Studies
AIEQ, HSI, Anomoly detection
Homework 2
Lecture 12 Apr 21 Case Study
Lecture 12 Apr 28 Big Data Visualization
From PCA to t-SNE, Subsampling approach
May XX Group Project Presentation