Teaching at the University of Hong Kong:

Spring 2020 STAT3622 Data Visualization
Fall 2019 STAT3612 Statistical Machine Learning
Spring 2019 STAT3612 Data Mining
Fall 2018 STAT3622 Data Visualization
Spring 2018 STAT3612 Data Mining
Fall 2017 STAT3622 Data Visualization
Spring 2017 STAT3612 Data Mining
Fall 2016 STAT3622 Data Visualization

Other Teaching in the Past:

Spring 2016 Selected Topics in Statistics (Hong Kong Baptist University: STAT3980/MATH4875)
Fall 2015 Statistics in Banking and Finance (SUSTech in Shenzhen)
Fall 2014 Numbers Save the Day (Hong Kong Baptist University: GCNU1025)
Fall 2012 The Power of Statistics (BNU-HKBU United International College in Zhuhai: SCIT1020)
Summer 2007 Statistical Methods in Credit Risk Modeling (Bank of America in Charlotte, Weekly Seminars)
Year 2004 – 2006 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, GSI, STATS350)