Lecture 3: Exploratory Data Analysis

HKU STAT3622 Data Visualization by Dr. Aijun Zhang
11 September 2017

What's covered in this lecture?

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Simple R:Base Plots
  • R:Lattice Package

John Tukey

John Tukey (1915 - 2000)
  • Proposed “Exploratory Data Analysis”
  • Coined terms: Boxplot, Stem-and-Leaf plot, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)
  • Coined terms “Bit” and “Software”
  • Co-Developed Fast Fourier Transform algorithm, Projection Pursuit, Jackknife estimation
  • Famous quote: “The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone's backyard.”“

John Tukey: EDA